The Long Dumb Road Starring Tony Revolori and Jason Mantzoukas Synopsis

Nat (Tony Revolori), a 19 year-old aspiring photographer, leaves his parents’ Austin, TX nest, bids goodbye to his recent ex-girlfriend, and heads out onto the open highway heading towards Los Angeles. When his car breaks down, he meets, Richard (Jason Manzoukas), a drifter with mechanic skills who offers to fix his old minivan in exchange for a ride to a nearby bus station. Thus begins the road trip of a lifetime – a bar fight in Marfa, TX with cowboys, a visit to Richard’s now grown teenage love and her bratty daughter that doesn’t go well, a drunken night with two sisters: Rebecca (Taissa Farmiga) and Nina (Grace Gummer), and of course, as with any road trip, Nat and Richard get even with the guy who leaves them stranded with no car, money, or cell phone in the woods – all before Nat must start classes and move into his dorm.